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LabMod T2
DVB-T2 Modulator

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LabMod-T2: DVB-T2 Modulator
LabMod-T2 DVB-T2 Modulator - Block Diagram LabMod-T2 DVB-T2 Modulator - Stream player LabMod-T2 DVB-T2 Modulator - Stream player LabMod-T2 DVB-T2 Modulator - SFN Setup
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LabMod DVB-T2 modulator provides a cost effective and complete solution for Digital TV network setup in a lab or manufacturing environment, cumulating rich inputs / outputs interfacing offer, as well as test modes and channel simulator (optional).

LabMod DVB-T2 modulator supports several kinds of inputs (ASI and USB2) allowing to modulate various type of incoming streams. It generates high quality RF, IF and Digital I/Q signals that will match any situation that may occur in a research and development lab, or manufacturing site. LabMod DVB-T2 facilitates chipset development thanks to its optional IQ output. Last but not least, optional Channel Simulator allows to reproduce any multipath configuration wished.

Ease of use

As for other ENENSYS products, special efforts have been made to make the unit as easy to use as possible. DVB-T2 is a complex modulation, and the labMod-T2 Graphical User Interface make it possible for a newcomer to operate the unit without prior training.

Easy remote management is enabled thanks to an embedded HTTP web server.

User profiles can be saved so that the engineer can pre-configure the unit with dedicated profiles (e.g. a profile for UK, one for Sweden and one for Italy).

ADVANCED Test modes

LabMod DVB-T2 modulator has a high set of features for RF and IF corner testing such as SFN, MISO, FEF, interleaver bypass, IQ output, white noise generator, carriers cancellation, very large output level range, etc...

Rich connectivity

The LabMod T2 DVB-T2 Modulator offers the following INPUT interfaces:

- ASI input (Transport Stream or T2MI): LabMod  DVB-T2 can modulate in real-time any incoming Transport Stream or DVB-T2 T2MI stream received on the ASI iput.

- USB2 input (Connect your Laptop PC to the Modulator and generate a Transport stream or a T2MI file.

The LabMod T2 DVB-T2 Modulator offers the following OUTPUT interfaces:

- RF (VHF/UHF) output

- IF output

- Digital IQ output


- Channel Simulator (up to 6 independent paths to simulate impact of echoes and noise on DVB-T2 transmission)

- Digital IQ output (BaseBand DVB-T2 frame)

- Internal GPS receiver

- Multi PLP2 or Multi PLP8 (2 or up to 8 Physical Layer Pipes)

- Internal TS stream player (USB)


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