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ReFeree is now adding DVB-T analysis to its features list

16/11/2011 08:00 by Enensys

ENENSYS is adding DVB-T capabilitie to its DVB-T2 analyzer. With this complementary feature, ENENSYS' ReFeree T2, the world's first DVB-T2 Multi-PLP RF analyzer, is now even more attractive for customers migrating from DVB-T to DVB-T2.

ReFeree T2 was the world's first portable analyzer combining DVB-T2 RF input (VHF/UHF), T2MI input (ASI or IP) and standard Transport Stream inputs (ASI or IP). This comprehensive range of input interfaces, combined with a set of advanced plug-ins, makes the unit powerful and versatile : lab and field engineers can used it all along the DVB-T2 transmission chain (check DVB-T2 signal integrity either at the DVB-T2 Gateway level, at the input of the DVB-T2 transmitter, or at the output of the DVB-T2 transmitter), and lab engineers can use it to capture and analyze DVB-T2 reference streams.

Now customers can also use the deveice in a DVB-T environment. This dual DVB-T and DVB-T2 capability make it the perfect tool to help field engineers carrying out a smooth DVB-T to DVB-T2 transmission.

For customers only involved in DVB-T, the device provides long term vision. Specific DVB-T2 analysis plug-ins such as T2MI analysis can be added later, at the same price.

The new feature will be available for FREE to all ReFeree customers. Release date is set to November 28th, 2011.

More info on the dedicated product page: ReFeree T2  DVB-T DVB-T2  Analyzer

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